This is the sort of gallery that you can wander around to your hearts content without being asked if you need any help or whether you would like to take your jacket off. If you enjoy looking at my pictures, then check out my latest activities in Facebook or on Instagram and feel free to give some feedback.

If you’re seeking an individual look for your favourite room I can give you suggestions on how that can be achieved with my pictures using colour and design to create a unique atmosphere.

Watercolour Acstract Portraits Landscapes and nature Prints Volksbank Fine Art Calendar 2016

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Pepper Dog portrait

Dog portraits


Painting dog portraits is one of my favorite things. Always difficult to capture the dog’s character, but I think it shines through here! These dogs are Pepper, my granddog and... View Article

Entla’s Beer Tankard 2021


Entla’s Keller, Burgberg, 91054 Erlangen In September 2020 I was sketching with the Urban Sketchers Erlangen up on the Erlangen Burgberg at Entla’s Keller and a few weeks later they... View Article