“Mit Hand und Herz “- “Hand and Heart” Exhibition at the Klinik Fränkische Schweiz


Forchheim artists Rosemary Keßler and Alexandra Woite are proud to present, ” Hand & Heart,” a joint exhibition of pictorial art and emotional photography with great attention to detail.
Of particular interest are a number of original pieces where both artists have worked together to produce a melange of painting and photography that are both unique and eye catching.

The vernissage was a super event, we were delighted that so many came to join us. For all of you who couldn’t make it on the night, here is a link to Frau Herz’ Blog about the opening.


During the Vernissage, we were constantly being asked “what do you call this sort of painting” as visitors were confronted with our joint works, the photographs painted over by me. After extensive research, we found that this art form does have a name and it is called unsurprisingly “Overpainting” a direct translation from the German “das Übermalen”. Various famous artists have painted in this style, e.g. Andy Warhol and Arnulf Rainer, but as I tend to rework the original photograph and digitally reconstruct before painting over, we called it “Lounting” which comes from my maiden name “Lount”.

Haus Walberla in the Atrium & Haus Feuerstein

1st February – 28th April 2013

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