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Nürnberger Nachrichten 14. November 2007:
Special Points of View

English artists exhibit paintings and photographs

The exhibition of impressionist paintings and unusual photographs by the two English artists Rosemary Keßler and Frances Zwicky has now opened. “Points of View – Blickwinkel”, is the continuation of the English Weeks in the Rathaus Halls,” said Forchheim’s mayor Franz Stumpf at the opening ceremony. The previous exhibition was also held by an English artist.

“Just enjoy”

The “Points of View” presented to around 120 guests really were unique. “All around us we can see these beautiful, wonderful things, but mostly we just walk by, too busy to notice. We have tried to capture some of these moments” said Rosemary Keßler  from Forchheim. Frances Zwicky from Erlangen went on to say, “Don’t try to find any particular theme or deep significance in our pictures. Just enjoy.”

And indeed, the pictures were most enjoyable. Keßler’s hazy backgrounds in the  impressionist landscapes lent each picture a dreamlike quality. Insubstantial, subtle outlines allowed room for interpretation. Other pictures, such as the meticulously painted flowers, showed great attention to detail.  This precision, as well as an eye for the unusual in the obvious, also marked Zwicky’s work. Many of her photographs were taken in her home country and showed a very appealing England through eyes with a knack for spotting special places.  Each photograph, be it a porch festooned with plants or a typically British post office, transported one on a brief trip to the British Isles.

ForchheimRathaus_g bottles_g OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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