Rosemary KesslerBorn Rosemary Lount, my family moved from Leicester to Eastwood, Nottinghamshire when I was 4 years old and later in 1982 I moved to Forchheim in Germany.
After deciding that art was the only subject at school worth attention, a career in that direction would have been inevitable. However, after leaving school in Eastwood, a midlands mining town in the early 70`s where the term Artist was treated with apprehension and the job description Web Designer had yet to be invented, I decided to earn my income in a more conventional way and later rediscovered painting as means to have quiet legitimate fun whilst the children were asleep. Primarily autodidact, later an avid participant of art classes at night-school and the art academy, my paintings and sketches reached a receptive audience through the local Enoteca, Art Galleries and various exhibitions.
Inspired by the works of the French Impressionists such as Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot, I paint for my own pleasure and for that of the observer.

Member of the…….

Franconian Artists Association (Bund Fränksicher Künstler)

Upper Franconian Artists Society (Oberfränkische-Malertage e.V.)

Founder of the Urban Sketchers Forchheim 

I have to add that I don’t usually wear this sort of thing whilst painting.

Current exhibitions

HirtenTor Trendwirtschaft, Am HirtenTor 13, 91330 Eggolsheim
Kunstwerk, Bilder- und Rahmengalerie, Reutherstr. 38, 91301 Forchheim, Germany

2005 Roth Regional Painting Competition, „Roth Lake Impression“ special recognition
2006 Roth Regional Painting Competition, Interpretation of the theme „Colour is Life“ second place

Stadt Forchheim, Volksbank Forchheim, BRK-Senioren Wohnheim Forchheim, Arbeiter Samariter Bund Forchheim, HirtenTor Trendwirtschaft

Mitwirkend „Immer die Liebe“, Sonette von Norman Klinger 2011– Illustrations

The Countryside of my Heart, Poems from a Midlands Lad, John Minkley, Cover

Entla’s Beer Tankard 2021, Entla’s Keller, 91054 Erlangen


2022 Malerische Ansichten, zusammen mit Gabriele Endres in der Stadtbücherei Forchheim 

2022 Upper Franconian Artists Society in Bamberg

2021 Upper Franconian Artists Society in Pettstadt

2020 Weiblichkeit in Sand und Stein, Coworking Kreativlabor, Schiffstr. 7, 91054 Erlangen

2020 Künstlerische Ausstattung des Trendwirtschafts HirtenTor

2019 June-September „The Big PictureInternational Women’s Artist Group, Treppenhaus Galerie, Erlangen

2019 Mai-Juni Upper Franconian Artist’s Society in Ebermannstadt

2018 Juni-August „ConvergenceInternational Women’s Artist Group, Treppenhaus Galerie, Erlangen

2018 April-Juni „Die Neuen“ im Bund Fränkischer Künstler, Historisches Badhaus, Kulmbach

2017 Mitglied der Bund Fränkischer Künstler  

2017 Künstlerische Ausstattung der Villa 4, Deli, Bar und Trends, Bayreutherstr. 4, 91301 Forchheim

2016 Founded „Urban Sketchers Forchheim

2016 Fränkische Impressionen – 13 Paintings for the Fine Art Calendar 2016 Volksbank, 91301 Forchheim

2014 Supplied artwork for the Restaurant and Bar Enno, 91301 Forchheim

2013 „Mit Hand und Herz“ with Alexandra Richter-Woite „Frau Herz“ Photographer – Klinik Fränkische Schweiz, 91320 Ebermannstadt

2013 „Every picture tells a story“ Bürgerzentrum Rathaus, 90562 Heroldsberg

2013 „Sommerliches Franken“ Exhibition for the opening of the new library in 91301 Forchheim

2011 Design and painting with residents with dementia in the Pflegezentrum St. Elisabeth, Waldkrankenhaus 91054 Erlangen

2011 Publikation
 „Immer die Liebe“, Sonette von Norman Klinger 2011 – Illustrations

2011 „Viaggio in Italia“ Library Forchheim

2008 „Kunst im Garten“, Forchheim, Rosemary Keßler, Gerhard Koestler, Roswitha Kraus und Christin Theurich.

2007 „Points of View“ with Frances Zwicky Photographer, Stadthallen Forchheim

2006 Roth Maltag, Interpretation „Farbe ist Leben“ 2. Place

2005 Roth Maltag, „Rothsee Impression“ Price with special recognition