25th Oberfränkische Malertage in Bamberg

Oberfränkische Malertage
Rosemary Kessler Bamberg Häuser an der Regnitz

The Oberfränkische Malertage took place in Bamberg in this year of our 25th Jubilee. 19 artists spent 4 days in Bamberg, looking for the best views and motives and then producing many wonderful paintings of the town which are now being exhibited in the Landratsamt and Neues Rathaus in Bamberg.

You can visit our exhibition during the opening times, information here on our website: https://www.oberfraenkische-malertage.de

Rosemary Keßler Rosengarten im Juni
Rosemary Kessler Rosengarten im Juni
Rosemary Keßler am Michelsberg malen
Rosemary Keßler am Michelsberg malend
Rosemary Keßler Bamberg Blick über Jakobskirche
Rosemary Keßler Bamberg Blick über Jakobskirche
Kessler Bamberg Schenkerla Fassade
Rosemary Keßler Bamberg Schenkerla Fassade
Kessler Rathaus Fassade
Rosemary Keßler Bamberg altes Rathaus Fassade

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