Art affects everyone of us in every aspect of our lives


After hearing about yet more cuts of art classes in the curriculum in schools I felt moved enough to do a short video about art and its influence in our lives. It is completely underestimated how much the action of doing art and being creative is important to our well-being and also to the continuation of our creative professions shaping the way we live now.

Here is the video on Instagram, you can also find it on Facebook on Rosemary Keßler:

“Artists are the people who make the world we live in look the way it is now. Artists don’t just make amazing artworks to enhance your living spaces – they are the creativity behind the designs of architects and car manufacturers, think houses and public buildings, street and city planning, your clothing. So make sure your children are enjoying being creative, who knows where that will lead!“

Rosemary Keßler
Rosemary Keßler Artist talking!

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